Apparel. Footwear. Sports

vMAPS drives wholesale sales in the apparel industry

Due to fast-moving nature of fashion and apparel industry, you have to adapt and tailor your products according to current lifestyle and fashion trends. vMAPS helps your brand specialists to be always in sync with your design and production team right from prototype to adopted product through seasonal and ongoing lines.

  • Increase sales through personalization
  • Reduce cost by faster and error-free bulk ordering

Footwear & Accessories
Streamline and grow your B2B wholesale distribution business in the footwear and accessories industry

vMAPS helps you in brand penetration through storytelling. By quickly updating the catalogue line sheets to the levels of size-run details, you can achieve prompt delivery to market. It allows bulk ordering taking into account your distributor specific packing information and exceptions.

  • Dramatic improvement in speed and accuracy of wholesale ordering due to offline capabilities
  • Increase sales due to faster brand penetration
  • Capture seasonal demand values to streamline the production process
  • Improve operational cash flow by dynamically changing order minimums

Sports & Outdoors
Increase your sales by personalizing your product offering to the appropriate B2B distribution channel

New product launch is the key to Sports & Outdoors industry. vMAPS helps you in critical go to market meetings for any new product launches and the introduction of new lines through customized digital line-sheet and by creating a wish-list by multiple points of entry into such custom lines.

  • Dynamically set the price types and prices based on construction quality
  • Grow your wholesale business by personalized sales proposals
  • Reduce loss of order entries due to offline native ordering