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The World of Line Sheets

In today’s fashion world line-sheets are the heart of any designer or brand looking to sell their products wholesale. These line-sheet catalogues are either seasonal or ongoing. Seasonal line-sheets are valid for a specific season, and ongoing line-sheets continue across seasons. vMAPS can manage all key product attributes in a line-sheet. Some of these features but not limited to include –
  • Design/style/SKU numbers
  • Colour/size/width options
  • Wholesale/suggested retail prices
  • Delivery dates
  • Packing information
  • Features and benefits
  • Style description
  • Country of origin
vMAPS draws all relevant catalogue data and images in excel and CSV formats from underlying ERP/PLM systems. All the data and images loads into vMAPS nightly. Moreover, this frequency of load is configurable. From nightly loads, it can be adjusted to anything desirable to business. External ERP/PLM systems push all the line-sheet excels, or CSV files and images in predefined folders. vMAPS picks up and loads these files in a batch mode to create the seasonal and ongoing catalogues. A user with appropriate role can also upload the catalogue and images on demand from the vMAPS user interface.

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