The Access Control

Brand management has a pivotal role to play in vMAPS.
It has the unique ability to create as many brands and sub-brands as needed.  There can be any number of leading brands and sub-brands under each of these leading brand.
Brands can be set up on the fly based on a need of access to any set of users.
For example, if a particular set of users based out of Latin America region need access to the precise catalogues, a sub-brand can be created for the LA region. Users of this region can then be given access to that sub-brand.
Those users can only access specific catalogues under that sub-brand.  Similarly, sub-brands can be set up for particular stores or even to specific currencies.
This access helps to target a group of users requiring store specific or currency specific access.
Some of the salient features of vMAPS catalogue access control are as follows:
  • The administrator can set up any number of brands and sub-brands on the fly based on access need to set of users.
  • Add and remove access to users to those brands and sub-brands cab then be set up by the administrator. That will give restricted access for users to catalogues belonging to such brands.
  • It has unique ability to define the time window for each catalogue specific access. Catalogues get automatically hidden from users after the access time window is expired.