Resequencing and Sub-Catalogue
Sometimes there might be a need to change the family/classification/SKUs display sequence logic quickly without going through the process of updating the line-sheet excel. It offers an ability to do the same through UI. A user can select a specific catalogue to get the existing family/classification/SKU sequences. A user can then update these sequences and regenerate the catalogue pdf online.
You can create a specific catalogue taking a subset of products from a master seasonal line-sheet catalogue. By doing this, a user can create a customised catalogue with specific access control rules to enable your sales team to reach the targeted distribution network.
Some of the salient features of sequencing and sub-catalogue are as follows:
  • Create sub-catalogues with few mouse clicks as the process involved is similar to master catalogue loading on UI.
  • It follows the same template as the main catalogue
  • The re-sequencing feature is available for both master and sub-catalogues.