The Correct Aroma of Pricing & Minimum Order Setup!

Pricing and order minimum setup
vMAPS gives you the flexibility of managing the pricing either inside or outside the system. It offers a lot of flexibility for controlling the price within the system. For example, you can define your price type like factory direct, suggested retail or Euro. Then users can be mapped to one of these pre-defined price types. Product prices for different price types using the price loading template can be loaded into the system. Based on the mapped price type for the user, it will automatically pick correct price for the logged in user.
Minimum order quantity plays a vital role in B2B wholesale purchase ordering. You can set up business rules for setting up minimum order quantities brand/distributor/product hierarchy.
You can also set up similar minimum rules for forecast ordering also.
Some of the salient features of pricing and order min setup:
  • If a minimum order quantity is defined at the product level, it will apply to that specific product during ordering
  • If no minimum order quantity is determined at the product level, then brand level minimum will apply
  • For a particular distributor/product/brand combination also minimums can be defined