Assortment to Purchase Order or Forecast

vMAPS Assortments

You can convert the market/user specific assortment into a purchase order or forecast. A purchase order is created in online or offline mode. In online mode, the assortment is converted into SKU (style/colour/size) wise order grid. You can delete any SKU or add any new SKU by navigating catalogue tree. You can put order quantities in required size fields and place the wholesale B2B order.
However, in offline mode, you can export the assortment into a macro based excel template that exports the assortment along with entire catalogue with rules and exceptions.  In the order sheet, you enter the order quantities in relevant size fields. As you enter the order quantities, it checks all the applicable business rules for allowed sizes, packing etc. You save the macro-enabled template locally offline. Anytime it can be imported and converted into a purchase order in vMAPS UI. You can iteratively update the order using excel export/import process till the final submission.
You can convert the assortment into a forecasted order. If the line-sheet is mapped to a future forecast season, you can capture quantities for each forecast season time-bucket for each SKU in the assortment. Like purchase order, you can iteratively work on forecast order till final submission.
Some of the notable features of assortment to purchase order or forecast are
  • Assortment can be converted into a purchase order in multiple ways in online or offline mode.
  • It need not be saved into a worksheet/shopping cart before transforming into PO or forecast