B2B Wholesale revolution through personalisation

B2B wholesale sales and distribution industry fundamentally differs from B2C sales in terms of the buying and shipping cycles, customer relationship duration/customer loyalty and minimum order quantities etc.
Despite these fundamental differences, with the new age technological revolution, B2B customers are expecting the similar level of service as B2C customers get.
You would risk losing customers if your wholesale business does not conform to the best practices in areas of sales enablement, personalization/customer experiences, quick bulk ordering and efficient go-to-market plans. This risk poses a downward revision risk to revenues.
vMAPS has capabilities to address these new-age wholesale needs to drive sales.

Some of the key features of vMAPS are:
Line sheet catalogue management
vMAPS uses a template-based approach to create new or update existing lines.
Thus it reflects the real-time product information and visuals as maintained by your design and production team. With an end to end approach, your sales and marketing team will be in sync with latest product changes including the introduction of prototypes, if any. This will result in increased sales and faster go-to-market. You can mail order the high-resolution print catalogues if you wish.
In-season promotions and personalization
Instead of displaying a whole line with a lot of products, you can use vMAPS’ Worksheet to showcase a curated list of products. The list can be a  promotional list for a season or discount sales items or any other market synergy based grouping.
You can create as many personalized worksheets as you wish targeted at different segments of your distribution channel. This will generate maximum sales in short period.
Brand Storytelling
You can create a compelling story of your brands by combining promotional videos, logos and other marketing visuals, banners on a flexible canvas paradigm.
Rapid Bulk Ordering
You can order in bulk directly from the catalogue through online UI or create an order sheet from offline macro based excel featuring the entire catalogue line. You can upload the huge excel order sheet into the tool seamlessly.
You can also convert the promotional assortment of products into a purchase order or forecast order with ease.
Catalogue and Order Analytics with Reporting
You can do various analytics on your seasonal and ongoing catalogues as well as the past order data. For example, you can find how many and which style/product offered by season, colour, month, year, multiple seasons (carryover), by country of origin? or Pricing differential for styles in a category by country of origin.
You can take decisions to streamline your business processes based on these