Always Latest Online Product Catalogs Build orders in collaborative & stylish ways on cloud using your latest catalogs

Goodbye Old Fashioned Way of Ordering Browse, search, filter and build your order online

Your Sales-Reps' New Power Tool Let your rep print high end digital brochures from your latest catalogs


Fast & Easy


Anywhere, Anytime


Buyer & Seller


Personalized for you Business

  • Breathtakingly Beautiful; Amazingly Simple Show off your brand in style with a flip-book style catalog that you can customize at will.
  • Order management End-to-end order management with a solution built exclusively for your industry.
  • Catalog management Drag, drop, customize, and done - catalog management is as simple as that.
  • Pricing control Let pricing be fluid, dynamic and yet firmly under your control.
  • Business intelligence and forecasting Let the numbers help you make the right business decisions.

Discover our Platform

  • Get everyone you need on the same page From order placement to fulfilment - get all your stakeholders on a common platform
  • Online and offline - anything works Use our native app (for iOS and Android) for seamless access to your brand
  • Create stunning catalogs on the fly Give your products the attention they deserve
  • Quickly respond to market dynamics Make real-time changes to pricing based on myriad parameters - customer, location, season, stock availability, volume, distributor, and more
  • Search anything, anytime Find every minute detail whenever you want it, wherever you need it
  • Enjoy integration at its simplest best Seamlessly integrate our platform into your enterprise systems
  • See the past, present, and future of your business Review the past, track the present, and forecast future demand for efficient planning
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Manage Orders

  • Drag and drop and done! Drag-and-drop any number of images to build detailed catalogs in a matter of minutes
  • Pricing at your fingertips Instantly change pricing,either selectively for specific customers / brands / locations or across the board, based on market dynamics
  • Increase reseller stickiness Enrich your product discovery process with striking catalogs that leave a lasting impression
  • Measure performance at any time Choose the parameters that matter to your business and customize MIS reports based on your selection
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Leapfrog Sales

  • Contemporary and dynamic Carry your catalog in the form of a trendy flipbook; flip through your catalog in style on your iPad
  • Personalized every time Personalize every catalog for each customer with custom logos, texts, images, and more
  • Many brands, one solution Handle multi - brand catalogs and line sheets ease
  • Sorting as you like it Sort your view based on a range of parameters - brands, categories, pricing, availability, etc. - to display catalogs that are most relevant to your customer
  • Sign orders in style Eliminate hand-written / scanned orders; exchange orders authenticated by digital signatures
  • Track every eyeball Let customers build their order as they flip through your catalog
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